Submission time is wrong across data entries (Data is hard to track)


I am having trouble managing the incoming data from several people in the field. I am obligated to notify the client of any species deaths that occurred on the previous day.

Because we have poor internet connection where I am, data is coming in at different times. I am really trying to get people to get into an internet connection so the data is uploaded daily. This wont always be the case, so i thought i would use the finish time instead of start time (or consider both). Alternatively, I thought i would use submission time, but it is wrong? I saw on other threads that you cannot change UTC to EST. Furthermore, the submission time is different across data entries. How is this possible? My example is the entries ‘on hold’, where mine is exactly 10 hours different. Others are random. Is submission time the time it was actually uploaded? It is important that i have this if this is the case.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to better manage data coming in to report on for the following morning? I also cannot add username into it to identify the users that have uploaded their data for the day and those that have not. Note that someone didn’t upload there data untill their next swing 2 weeks later.

Hey Oscar,

I have been playing around with different settings and I thought “today” option would help you. Isn’t it? If you just have to keep track of the day when the species died you could use “today”, it records the day when the data was saved.