Submissions in my Collect android app got lost after the data was sent to the server

Hi my question is a bit different. I recently tried to send finalized forms from the android tablets. From 3 tablets this was possible but from one tablet the form is sent but cannot be seen in kobo collect. when i open view sent forms on the tablet i cannot open any of the sent forms as they are hidden and have a symbol of an eye that has a line across it. How do i get these forms to appear in kobo collect or to get them vied again in View sent forms

Welcome to the community, @cystinet2018! It seems like the following settings (Delete after send) were checked on from your Collect android app, which shows no data after the data were submitted to the server:

Settings>Form management>Delete after send

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Thank you Kal_Lam,
I have checked the android tablet used and the “Delete after send” is not actually checked. But why cant i also see the forms in Kobo collect if they were sent. The data uploaded from the same tabled the previous day is visible but for the last entries cannot see the data

@cystinet2018, you may also need to check if your app has more than one account configuration. If the app has more than one project configuration, the collected data might get hidden in that project setting. For details, please go through this support article to see if there are other project configurations: