Submissions not received

Hi everyone,
I am using to deploy a form that requires around 600 unique responses. This means I have shared it with around 600 people. Some people are saying they have submitted it and sent me screenshots also of being redirected to the returnURL parameter, but I cannot view their submission. However, with some this issue has not occurred. Why might this be so? I cannot risk this, please help out!

Hi @eeshatariq,

Seems like you are collecting data using Enketo. While doing so please ensure the following:

If you have configured your data collection setting (under the FORM tab from the KoBoToolbox User Interface) as follows:

You should see the filled up form queued up as shown in the image below:

Please note, at this moment, if you close your browser, the filled up form should not reach the KoBoToolbox server.

Wait until you see as shown in the image below:

Please note, unless and until you don’t see the number being reset to ‘0’, do not clear the cache of your browser. If you do so you will be loosing your data. And this is irreversible!

However, if you have configured your data collection setting (under the FORM tab from the KoBoToolbox User Interface) as follows:

You should see confirmation after submitting your data to the KoBoToolbox server as shown in the image below:
Image 4

But also please note, this is only applicable if you wish one user to collect only one form for your survey.

Besides all please note that sometimes, data may not reach the server as there may not be an internet connection in your device. Check the internet connection of your device (to ensure that the form submitted has reached the server).

Maybe you won’t have the issue of data missing if you brief these things with your enumerators/interviewee (if its a self administered interview).

Have a great day!

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@Kal_Lam thanks for the detailed response! I will try to ensure all this is in place and yes I only want one response per user so I am using the ‘single’ submission link!


@Kal_Lam all of this is in place. I am using single submission but I am not receiving some responses. There is no connection issue and they reach the Thank you page as well

Hi @eeshatariq,

Would you mind checking your server and see how many submissions have received so far and how many are missing? Also please ensure that all the users are using chrome as their browsers to complete the survey. If users are using Internet Explorer they might face issues!

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,
How do I check the server for how many are missing? I have received 354 so far, around 15 people sent proof of filling out the survey but I cannot see their submissions. Its for a research project so we need to collect around 650 unique responses.

Hi @eeshatariq,

Have you maintained the respondents name list so that you could verify it with the respondents if they have completed the survey (by checking the name list in the server). Besides, if a user sees the confirmation message Thank you for participating! their data should be in the server.

Have a great day!