Submissions not registrating

Hello everybody,

Hopefully you guys can help me with a specific problem. Me co-students and myself are currently running a survey for GP’s in my country. We were kind of disappointed because of the lack of submissions. Strangely though we heard from alot of people that they filled in the form. So it seems that not all submissions are registrating. Which was weird because during our pilot study, we didn’t have this specific problem.

In the meantime I have found the issue.
When sharing our link, not everybody gets the same ending:

  • Some people can end the survey with one button “validate”.
  • Other people can end the survey with two buttons “save draft” or “submit”.

Sadly though, only the people that are able to click on “submit” are the ones that are actually registrated. The ones that use “validate” (and most of the people get this option), are the ones that are not registrated.

It is not related to the type of browser, as I have used several browsers to test this. Every browser gets both the “validate” as the “save draft” or “submit” option.

Can you please help me? I’m kind of desperate at this moment.

Kind regards!

@adriagee, would you mind informing your team to use modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. Also please inform the team that the browser should be up to date with the latest version. Maybe this support article Troubleshooting Enketo Web Forms should help you better understand your issue.