Submit button label in Spanish font

Hello, I have a problem with the UI while filling my response. I have a Spanish form that’s already finished, but the only thing I don’t know how to change is the SUBMIT button label, I want it to say it in Spanish. Is there a setting I can change somewhere to use the translation?

I am using the web interface to fill out the form.


Hi @marcodavidg,

Welcome to the community! You could do the same (change the language of the User Interface based on the Form Language) following the instructions outlined below:

In KoBoCollect android app:

  • Select General Settings from your KoBoCollect android app.

  • Select User interface.

  • Select Language.

  • Scroll down for the appropriate language you wish to see in your KoBoCollect android app User Interface.

In Enketo:

This is a future feature in Enketo. And currently it’s under the testing phase.

Have a great day!

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Thank you. Yes, I was talking about the Enketo version, I am glad to know it is already in the testing phase, as it would help some users.

What I ended up discovering right now is that the web interface shows the language that is set on the browser and cannot be changed. I have my browser in English and that is why the button was showing the word SUBMIT instead of ENVIAR which is the Spanish translation.

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I wondered how to change the language of the standard buttons on the webforms. For example:

Or on which setting does it depend? I don’t succeed to change these.

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Hi @cseghers,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that this is possible at the moment by changing the language setting of your browser as outlined below:

Steps to change the browser settings for Chrome:

  • Go to browsers setting (3 vertical dots)
  • Select Settings
  • Go to Advanced
  • Select Languages
  • Select the language you wish google to translate to. Here i have selected Spanish.
  • Go to More actions by clicking the 3 vertical dots near the language you have chosen.
  • Select Move to the top.
  • Close the browser.
  • Now open the survey link (Enketo).
  • You should still see the Form UI language in English. In this case simply right click the mouse hovering it on top of the survey form and press Translate to espanol.
  • You should now see your survey form (being translated in espanol) as shown in the image below:

Besides, also please be informed that Enketo at the moment is trying to change the language setting by default based on the language you have specified in your survey form (where users need not change the language setting manually to adjust the to the form language; it will be selected automatically). And this feature is under the testing phase.

Have a great day!


Thanks a lot, in fact, I just found out myself :wink:


Good afternoon,

Can you please inform me if this solution is under development for the web interface since the submit button shows it in English.


@Kal_Lam - can you please provide an update on this future Enketo feature, i.e. user interface and buttons automatically adjusting to language selection? It’s been 3 years now. Thank you.

@Adaptation_Forest, please let me know the language you are trying to check. Maybe I could see if the language is already updated?

It would be Spanish, most importantly, but would also be helpful in French, Hindi, Odia, Marathi and Arabic (but just Spanish and French would be great!). Thank you!

@Kal_Lam - Any updates on this? I think you were going to check on status. Thank you.