Submit form without filling all questions

We have an issue where some mandatory questions at the end of the form have issues with the constraints and so we can’t submit the form. Is there a way to bypass those questions and send the forms based on the other parts of the tool that has been filled. We cannot redo data collection and so are trying to find a temporary workaround to send the data and test what has already been filled in the form while we work at the same time on the faulty constraints.

Welcome to the community, @mothman! Yes, this is possible. You can upload the data manually to the server as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

Hint: As long as the blocking constraints will not be fixed, also on server level you would not be able to do modal edits/save. But bulk edits would work already.
Better try to avoid such problems through systematic pre-tests, before data collection.

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Appreciate the welcome! We tried following with the steps but when we reach the downloading of ZIP folders it seems that there is no option added to import data in the API. For now, as stated by @wroos it seems the best solution is to avoid going through collection with faulty constraints.
Thanks for the help.

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