Submit xml data using Python

I am trying to push the submission.xml via python - is there any sample snippet which could be shared

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Hi @pankaj_prasad
To be sure that most users understand what is it exactly you are trying to achieve, I suggest you:

  1. Give as much detail on what exactly you are trying to do?
  2. Provide any steps you may have done to get the script working?
  3. Specific challenges you found with your script?



I am using the webforms. I was able to create the script and successfully upload the submissions into kobo.

(1) What i was trying to do:-
In my form there is a file upload section where users can submit different types of files as evidences. For some cases the form submission did not happen, but they were able to give the zip format of all the files and submission.xml

While doing a bulk upload, the files and images were not getting uploaded to Kobo. So i wrote a python script to do the bulk upload and push the different formats for file to kobo

(2) Where i was going wrong?

While generating the dictionary for the files to be uploaded; i was using a wrong key work for the xml submission file - for the xml it is “xml_submission_file”

Once i used the correct key word - the script worked



Glad to know it worked. Nice documentation