'Submitted by' name appearing under DATA after submission of filled forms

I created a project under my account using my user name, and I deployed. But when enumerators submit their forms after completion of forms, the data is showing that I (my username) submitted the data. But I want it to show the names of the enumerators as set in the Kobocollect apk under ‘User & Device identity’. Please help how I can get through this?

Hi @rukudzo,

That is most likely because the enumerators are using your username to fill the forms.

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Thanks @hakan_cetinkaya for your response.

  1. The enumerators do have unique usernames (only in the data collection app [kobocollect]). But if you’re referring to kobotoolbox account usernames, they don’t have.

  2. I did not share with them, since they do not have kobo accounts

  3. No QR code was used, forms were shared by manually putting in the url in their respective tablets.
    Thank you will also check the wonderful articles you referred to.

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Hi @rukudzo, can you make a test if giving them their own username solves your issue?

I think it might.

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@hakan_cetinkaya Thanks. I realised that I had not toggled on the buttons for collecting metadata under the form settings. Once I did the issue got fixed.
Thank you once again.


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