Submitted data in form not displayed in view page

I created a form in KoboToolbox and collected around 100 records. Afterward, I edited the form, making some changes to the fields. The updated form was published, and I collected further data, resulting in around 250 records. However, when I access the form, the data is not displayed in the view page. While the data can be downloaded as an Excel file and is present in the data table, the view page remains blank. I have not encountered issues with other forms in my account, and I have attempted to edit and republish the form to no avail. If anyone has faced a similar issue, I would appreciate any suggestions for a workaround or solution. Thank you.

Welcome back to the community, @nishad! Could you kindly share with the community a screenshot of your issue so that we could understand it pictorially?

Thnaks for the support .
sharing a screen record video link

Thank you

@nishad, could you please check if your project has a repeat group?

@Kal_Lam There is no repeat group in this project.

@Kal_Lam can you please help on this??

Have you accessed all the pages and not viewed them?
If you specify 500 rows, what does it give you?