Submitted forms not showing in the server

Hi all,

My colleague submitted five forms from android tablets, but the forms are not showing in the server (the server is showing 0 (zer0) submissions). He shared the screenshot below from the sent forms folder on the android tablet.

NB: we checked the box delete after send during the configuration of kobo collect on the android tablets and For ‘Auto send’, we selected ‘Wifi or cellular’.

Looking forward to help

Thanks in advance

Welcome back to the community, @hernandezmachava! Could you also check the Settings>Server to see where the data has been submitted from the Collect Android App? Sometimes, you assume that the data will come to an account, but unfortunately, the settings would also matter where the data could be stored.

Hi @Kal_Lam ,

These are the Settings I configured on the android tablet

What is strange is that two different forms were submitted by my colleague, but we see data of only one of the forms in the server; for the the one shown in the image, There are zero submissions in the server


@hernandezmachava, I investigated your issue and noticed that your account is an enumerator’s account. The project was shared with you by pxxxx_mel with the Add submission permissions only. So, with this permission, you can only submit the data to the admin account (project shared with you). The data you collect and submit to the server will not be seen in your account.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

There are more details provided by my manager. We are using a free account and we have reached the storage limit. See image below.

My manger has removed some data from the server to make room for new data . My question is: How can we get the data that didn’t reach the server since the sent forms are no longer available in the device/tablet? For the filled out forms that have been sent and deleted, the rows are not clickable, so I think there is no way to resend them.

In one of my posts above, I mentioned that we checked the box delete after send.

Looking forward to more help


@hernandezmachava, kindly please be informed that if you have submitted your data to the server, then it should reach the server no matter if your submissions and storage are full. To avoid getting the Upgrade now notification, you will need to either upgrade your account to a paid plan or either delete your submissions/projects from the server.