Submitted Forms not Syncing to Updated Form

We recently started a survey with 64 questions using the online web forms as our data entry choice. There are 7 enumerators that started entering data and out of the 7, 1 of the enumerators that submit data is not able to do it properly. They refresh the kobo form every time they enter in a new survey questionnaire however when downloading and viewing the table the answers are jumbled up. and not all the column fields are entered when comparing to the others that submit their forms.
I am wandering if this is a syncing issue and if so why does this particular enumerator’s forms keep picking up older versions when syncing their forms to the database even though when they view their newly refreshed form the are viewing the most updated form?

Any clarity in the matter would be most appreciated.



@Anare, could you let us know the browser your enumerator is using (who is having this issue)? Maybe you need to recommend your enumerator (having the issue) to use some modern and undated (preferably to the latest version) browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.

I asked the enumerator to download Google Chrome and fill out the questionnaire using the web form URL in a new tab in Google. Form went through without a hitch!

Thanks @Kal_Lam

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Thank you for confirming @Anare!