Submitting and drafts

Yesterday morning the KOBOtool humanitarian server offered to update the latest version, which was not initiated by us, after that, problems with sending the questionnaire began: it is submitted, but filled questionnaire does not disappear (cleaned) after sending. There was also another bug with drafts: they can be saved, but cannot be downloaded for editing and shows this error:

“Loading Error
Error occured during the loading of this form. We do not recommend you edit this record until this is resolved.
Please contact with the link to this page and the error message below:
e.globalReset is not a function”

We did everything in our power (cleaning the cache, restarting the PC, using a different browser, updating the version of KOBO, changing the password), but it did not help to fix the problem.

Welcome to the community, @Vizavi! Yes, the second one is a bug. We are investigating and will update you once the issue is fixed. However, could you elaborate on the first issue? We would appreciate it if you share a screenshot of the same with us so that the community could also understand it pictorially. Also, the procedure to replicate would be very helpful.

I can show you a screenshot, but it’s unlikely to help you.
After sending, a message appears at the top that the questionnaire “was successfully submitted”, but all records remain on the page (I wrote a test for an example) and we have to refresh the page every time after we sent a questionnaire so that it disappears.

@Vizavi, could you also check this out with a new dummy project to see how it behaves?

@Vizavi, please be informed that the first issue has been resolved.

Second issue either! Thank you. There was just an update that fixed two bugs at once

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@Vizavi, thank you for confirming! :clap: :heart: :partying_face: