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I am reiterating a question posed in June 2019, which went unanswered. I have a question in one of my surveys asking about the total expenses incurred from an activity. I would like to create a Custom Report that will show all the expenses from each submission, and also add those expenses into a total. I have attached a photo of what my report currently looks like.

Hi @rebeccah66,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind providing us a sample questions maybe 2 to 3 so that we could show you how it’s possible to build a custom report based on the available variables that we have.

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On our article that details use of advanced calculations (link), we explain various computation approaches.

To answer your specific question

We need to break this into two

This is definitely possible since you can create a summation of all the expenses using simple formulas like ${Q1}+${Q2}+${Q3} OR SUM(${Q1},${Q2},${Q3})

As for the second part

If you had ideally created a sum for each submission, you should be able to do this off the report where you get the totals for them. There is no way to make a computation between submission instances. The report will only show you the default measures if you had made the calculation on an integer type of question


Hello @stephanealoo ,
do I understand well? The sum in the report would only be possible, if it was already included in the filled (and submitted) form version used before.
As far, as I can see, a filled form cannot be extended later by any new calculate or other variables, as the filled form is linked to a fixed (empty) form version.

  • Is this right? And is there any workaround to do this?


Yes this is true

You are right

None that I am aware of


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Hi, I’m not sure if what I’m going to ask was already answered (at least I’m not opening a new topic:)).
So, I’m asking in the surveys if the kids go to primary school. I’d like to see the totals (the sum) in the report.

So here’s my question:

And this is what I get in the report (“comuna” is just an administrative division):

What can I do to see the sum of all the kids to go to primary school in the report?


Hi @Javier,

Kindly please correct me if i understood differently. Looking at your post, what i see is that you wish to have a sum total of an integer variable. To make it more clear let’s have an example:

Q1. Does anyone from your family go to school? (Yes, No)
Q2. If yes, number of family member going to school?

So here, it’s not a problem to get the total number of households where family members go to school (as captured in Q1). The problem is that you wish to have the sum total of Q2 where you wish to have a total number of family members going to school?

At the moment the sum for Q2 is not calculated. You only have the mean, median, mode and std. deviation value for Q2.

Would you mind creating a features improvement request here outlining the detail.

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Thank you Kal, I will.