Support for skip logic

I need support I have a problem I have a question from a questionnaire that must meet at least 1 of 2 conditions in the previous question in order for it to be displayed, it must be displayed if in the previous question they select either option A or option B but if they select option C or D should not appear.
When I select option A, the form goes well and displays it, but when selecting option B, what to do in this case is not displayed?

Thank you for your collaboration and support

Hi @Savechilds,

  • Are you using form builder or xls editor to create skip logic?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the logic you use, so the community can help you with it?
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@Savechilds, in addition to what @hakan_cetinkaya has requested, could you also let us know if your previous question is a select one or a select multiple question type?

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Hi¡ Everyone

I’m using build from scratch.

Below I attach a screenshot of the downloadable xls.form

In yellow it is highlighted where it should automatically indicate time in months, since in the previous row it calculates the difference in Days between two dates and in turn this should be automatic when displaying results of those days, automatically place how many months it represents including “0” if it is less than 30 days

@Savechilds, this post discussed previously (using the operator) should help you solve your issue:

Really very grateful, your help is invaluable and I already applied it and this item was solved