Support for start-geopoint question

ODK Collect has this feature to automatically record the geopoint at the time of start of survey, as described here:

Can we have support for this in Kobotoolbox?

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Hi @ks_1,

I have documented your post as a features improvement. In the meantime you could also see the post discussed previously which should help you out capturing gps in the background:

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Hello @ks_1,
Why not just use ODK Collect? (Works well with KoBo Toolbox).
See Constraint not working well on re-edit of saved filled form (KoBoCollect 1.28.0)

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@wroos That’s what I’m doing, but Kobotoolbox has to support the question type in order for it to be deployed. Otherwise it returns an error saying “invalid question type”.

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Hi @ks_1
Could you please check the discussions that happened here and see if you get a solution for your issue?


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This doesn’t seem to work, it just shows a normal GPS record button as usual. The ‘background’ appearance seems to have no effect.

Maybe just working in SurveyCTO

Did you go through the entire discussion to the tail end?

@stephanealoo are you talking about the ‘audit’ question which was suggested?
Yes that does work but it creates a separate audit.csv file and does not come as part of the instance submission.

HI @ks_1
Yes, that is what I was referencing, i.e. audit, I believe that this is the only approach that would meet the minimum threshold regarding ethics for recording GPS coordinates when collecting data,

As @wroos had pointed out, similar to the discussions I had shared, the background would work on the SurveyCTO


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