Support Request for Kobo Toolbox Form Logic

Hello, I’m new to Kobo Toolbox, and I would like to seek support for the following problem:

Q1: In this XLSX form, I need the following logic:

  1. When a data collector (using ODK Collector) selects the “Region” option, a list of districts should be displayed. If the “Region” is not selected, the list of districts should not appear.

  2. If both the “Region” and a “District” are selected, the user will then select the “School Level” (e.g., primary or secondary). Once the user selects the “School Level,” a list of schools will be displayed based on the chosen district and school level.

Here is my XLSX form.

Hi @Khayre and welcome to the community!

What you’re looking for is called cascading questions. This help article explains it greatly:

You can also search the forum for the term cascading.

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The cascading question is not working because the ‘group field-list’ I was used before, and the list of districts will not show."

@Kal_Lam please can you help me.

Hello Khayre,

PSA Temp for KOBO Comm_Choice filter.xlsx (33.8 KB)

Please get attached to the excel, with the choice filter which is showing the Districts based on the region you selected.

And for level school, I do not have any idea, so I have not used the any choice filter but, for school, choice filter is used based on the district and level of school.

Hope this works for you.

Dinesh Dongol


@Dnes Thank you bro it works and I’m sorry for the late replay my kobo toolbox is not uploading the file and I tried a new kobo account and if you know the error for too long loading please let me know.

thanks a lot.

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@Dnes, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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