Survey not displaying

Please help! I’ve coded in this questions, and it’s rejected. It won’t preview any of my survey because of this question and I don’t know why!

Every time I try again it goes blank.
I have edited out all the “/” and “:” in an attempt to trouble shoot and the responses are still rejected

When I delete the question again, the survey works. PLEASE HELP!

@ket5128, did you mean the missing choices for What is the main source of water for cooking...? If not, could you also share a screenshot of the preview error you get at your end? In addition, have you downloaded your survey form as XLSForm and validated it with this online validator? The online validator should also give you a clue about what is wrong with your survey form.

The question title is What is the main source of water for cooking, cleaning and handwashing in the place where you process your bush meat.

Select one

I am building this in the UI and it will not preview because of an error with this question. It doesn’t say what error, just the number that (when I cross check the xls matches this question)

Updated: I deleted and redid the survey in. the UI… that worked but took a while

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@ket5128, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: