Survey won't submit on kobo collect

i have a survey that collects data for family members and i’m using pull data on some columns, however some questions get answered and when i reach the end of the survey it tells me that this question is blank even though i answered it multiple times it keeps noting that this question is blank and required please answer it

Welcome to the community, @abed_jayy1! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the error message that you get?

OK, would you mind downloading your xlsform and then checking it out manually to that particular question where you get the error message. I assume that you have a required = True to some instructions or notes which is not allowing you to move ahead.

Dear Kal_lam i identified my problem though i can’t share my survey sadly

i have a function pulldata on the question and in the CSV that question answer is blank so it is retrieving blank every time i survey because i removed the pulldata and it worked ,
is there a way i can change the value of the question after retrieving it with pulldata from an external CSV file ?

What was your question type with the pulldata?

it is a select_one question and it is a yes/no question in the CSV file if i have neither yes or no it gives me this error that the question is empty every time i submit

Let me share with you our support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox if you have not gone through. This should help you better understand dealing with a pulldata function.