Surveyor Control System

Dear Sir/Mam
I am in the process of creating a form and I want to allocate the questions on surveyor basis. For example if “Mr Ran” is my surveyor , he should get the form for the geographies, or questions attached to him only.
Please guide

Welcome back to the community, @rahul_521! Did you mean to say you have a question (say question 1) that captures the enumerator’s name with the following choices:

  • enumerator_1
  • enumerator_2
  • enumerator_3

Now you have some questions say questions 2, 3, and so on. You only wish to make question 3 visible if the enumerator selects enumeraot_3 in question 1; make question 2 visible if the enumerator selects enumeraot_2 in question 1.

If this is not something you are trying to achieve, feel free to explain what you wish to achieve with dummy questions. The details you provide should help the community to understand your issue and provide a suitable workaround.

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Thanks Kal for your generous welcome. I am always here with usual work and then other time get some challenging forms like the current one to create. I am building your case only.
There are

  • enumerator_1
  • enumerator_2
  • enumerator_3

IN form there is question

Q1 Which marker survey you are conducting ?
Option 1 Mumbai
Option 2 Delhi
Option 3 Kolkata
Option 5 Bangalore

Since Enumerator assigned to Mumbai and Delhi to survey . The other option should not appear to him.
I hope I made the case clear.
Can we do it?

@rahul_521, you could control this with a cascading select question. To learn more about the same, you could visit our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions.

Dear kal
Thanks for the reply.

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