Sync data collection from web and android

My use case is that we prefer entering some data from the web form in advance and then collecting GPS point using KoboCollect.
Is it only possible to “Get Blank Form” from the KoboCollect?
Is there any way to achieve our use case?

Welcome to the community, @kateshih28! Sorry, I did not understand your issue quite well. Could you kindly elaborate on it again, please? Maybe the community should then help you achieve if it’s possible, through KoboToolbox.

Thanks for your welcome!
Simply put, we would like to firstly enter data in the web and then retrieve the form with data entered from the web in the KoboCollect to only collect GPS points.
Is it possible?

@kateshih28, could you kindly elaborate on the steps you wish? It’s still not clear what you would be wishing.