Sync of data via NFC (Bluetooth or Wi-FI Direct)

Bonjour à tous, est-il possible d’utiliser BLUETOOTH pour le partage de données sur KOBO. Si oui comment le faire?
Merci davance!

Hello everyone, is it possible to use BLUETOOTH for data sharing on KOBO. If so, how to do it?
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @bfranck! Do you mean sharing the collected data from one device to another?

Bonjour et merci,
Oui c’est justement ce que je veux dire, le partage de données par BLUETOOTH ou WIFI-DIRECT d’un appareil à un autre.
Encore merci.

Hello and thank you,
Yes that’s exactly what I mean, sharing data by BLUETOOTH or WIFI-DIRECT from one device to another.
Thanks again.

@bfranck, please be informed that you are only able to share (sync) the data from a device to the server. Hence, sharing data from one device to another is not possible at the moment.