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As a CSPro user, i always use native distributed storage. An application can syn on multiples servers: FTP, Dropbox, webservers at once. So, i would like to know if an application designed through KoBoToolbox can be synchronized on several KoBoToolbox servers?
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Dear @htuser
I am familiar with CSPro and I can say that the KoBoToolBox may not give you the same sync scenario to multiple servers. As it is, we mostly support servers that we host and also provide for users to host their own servers.

When you mentioning syncing to multiple servers, to the best of my collection, you can only sync to one server at a time for CSPro so there is not multiple & simultaneous syncs. Kindly clarify if this is the issue you were looking at.

On the possibility of running a similar data back up process as on CSPro, you can theoretically execute this by taking advantage of the structure of the app on the android phone:

  1. The data sits in a specific folder within the phone. You can therefore use folder sync apps that allows you to sync data from the folders to a cloud storage of your choice.
  2. If you had synced this data, you can as well use applications such as Briefcase to create XLS versions of the data or even sync to a server.

In summary, the native application is limited in scope on how it would work to the ODK base that it is developed. However, advanced customization are based on the creativity of the users and their ability to share these workarounds within the forum for other people to see.

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Dear @stephanealoo ,

No, on CSPro, everyone can perform multiple & simultaneous syncs . There’s no limit on how manies servers to sync. However, if you use the built in sync menu, you’ll be limited to one sync.
I’m writing about synchronization in logic using the CSPro Programming Language, a very rich C derived language.

I always use this language to do sync on, at least, four servers at a time.

To do that i write several functions to sync on Webservers, FTP servers hosted on the internet and also Webservers and FTP servers hosted on LAN without internet for backup and data management purpose.
Webservers are implemented on Windows with WAMP and CSWeb, local FTP with Filezilla.
LAN servers are used to sync and transfer heavy files such as basemap, voice, photo, videos etc since internet bandwidth on the field is limited and too expensive.

So, i call specific sync function, by example, survey questionnaire data on the field on internet servers and sync heavy files on LAN servers. If required, heavy files can be sync to central internet servers permanently, mainly during night since field office have better and less expensive internet .

I also know limitation of ODK1 concerning sync. However, i think you (KoBotoolbox) worked to improve this. So, what i want from KoBotoolbox, is an ability to sync on two KoBoToolbox servers: one on internet and one on LAN servers.

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If I am to focus on this part of your query

From the application collect, you cannot enable this directly. However you can always have the API function to work for you in terms of syncing data from the KoBoToolbox servers to your own servers. I believe you are familiar with the article which can be found here


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Very important link, however, this not solve the need of sync to multiples servers through the data collection software. As mentioned, it’s always important to sync heavy files to LAN rather than internet. Please what do you think about my request to support CSEntry as an optional data client for KoBoToolbox? Accept CSEntry as a data client for KoBoToolbox