Synchronisation formulaire on server

Hello KoboToolbox community!

I’m Lalaina RAKOTOVOAVY. I am a beginner in ODK collect.

I think you are fine.

I did a sync of the submissions using the tablet and the sync was successful, but if I checked on the kobotoolbox server, there is some submission that is not showing. What to do to avoid this problem? But before that it works correctly. Is there any change on our server Thank you

Welcome to the community, @lalaina! Would you mind sharing with us a screenshot of your DATA>Table? This should help us understand if there is any sync issue. But please try to capture and share a complete screen so that we are able to see the exact screen you are viewing.

Sorry for the late response!

I can’t make a screenshot in DATA > Table because the data is confidential.

This my step:

  • Collect the data and fill formulaire in tablette

  • After that I make this sync on tablet and sync was successful

  • If i verify this data on tablet in View Sent Form, I see this data with icon successful

  • Finaly, I want to download this data on server, If i check on kobotoolbox. This data is not in DATA > Table

if possible, I want to know, how to check this problem on DATA > Table

You should see a submission counter at the top right. Similarly you should also see the total number of cases your DATA>Table holds under the table. See if both this figure matches.

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Hi @Kal_Lam !
The two values ​​are different. One 423 soumissions different 424 resultats.
this attached screenshot for more clarification.

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@lalaina, could you share with us the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server