Synchronous exports URL no longer working (into Excel)

I have had a synchronous web export of my Kobo form working form some months. I am now either getting an error 404 when trying to connect to the URL or the following message trying to get the tables from the source:
URL is (
Connects: Then gives message: Web.Contents failed to get contents from

Alternatively I am just getting 404 (URL not found)

For my second form I am getting the 404 not found message - it has never connected URL:

When I put the URL into my browser - the link correctly generates the downloaded spreadsheet - so it exists

Welcome to the community, @lindsayg! Could you also check to see if the project is still on the server?

@lindsayg, alongside Kal’s suggestion, did you activate the “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” option?

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Thanks Kai,

Yes the project is on the server – I check the Project daily




Thanks Osman

The synchronous data down load has been working fine up to this point – nothing has changed in the security settings.


Lindsay Gault

The issue has resolved - I set “Anyone can view submissions made to this form” on. Must have been an authentication issue