Table filters missing

I’ve been collecting data from a Kobo project from a household survey for over a month, still only 63 records. Through last week, by clicking the “Show all” button at the top of a column, I could filter on the responses for that field. Starting this week, the “Show all” buttons are missing for all columns, and I can’t filter. What has changed?

Welcome to the community, @chipbarnett The core team have the fix ready and will be making the patch soon.

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Thanks! Sorry, I searched, but didn’t find the other thread.


@hakan_cetinkaya, :bowing_man:

Thank you for managing to fix this im waiting for the updates


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@chipbarnett, @tajo, kindly please be informed that the issue has been fixed with this patch release. For details please see this announcement:

Thank you for your kind patience as always!

Thank you for the update and i appreciate

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