Table format questionnaire to be accessed using android phone

Is there a way whereby you Can a access and fill the table(matrix) format questionaire using an android phone?

Hi @paul_maleya,

Right now, only Enketo (Web version) allows you to see the matrix question type.

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I have tried using the phone to access the form but it distorts the matrix format(rows and columns display

You could work with the browser link - instead of Collect app - from a phone.

Did you check your form with the Online Validator?

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@wroos , thanks for your reply, however, I I have tried accessing the link through browser link using my phone but it stills distorts the table…

Could you provide a screenshot of the matrix from the phone and on the pc screen, please?
Was the form checked with the Online Validator?

@paul_maleya, did you mean you wanted to collect matrix questions from the phone using Enketo (web forms)?

Dear @Kal_Lam and @wroos thanks alot for your support. Yes I meant using matrix from the phone. But I realized that you just need to autorotate the phone and the matrix appears. Thanks for your support

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@paul_maleya, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Please note that the matrix question is designed for a larger screen display. So it will work properly with a larger display. Else it may distort.