Table on oak or kobocollect in a tablet

Hello everyone,
I was wondering whether there is a possibility to enhance the edition of a questionnaire when collected data on tablets. It looks great on the computer when groups of questions can be structured using a table, but this is not working on a tablet. Are the options for the tables so limited when using a tablet?.I groupes questions with the same answers (grouping function and list label…) the issue is in our case the number of responses are numerous and this cannot be contained easily, I would love using drop-down list of answers. Do you know any other option or alternative (we will use a tablet on the field, easier and we also work in remote areas without internet or power charge).
i put some examples in attache files
Thank you for your precious help

Welcome back to the community @alinephilibert! The best and easy way for creating a table is using the matrix question type as outlined in the support article Question Matrix Response Type. But please be informed that this is possible only if you intend to collect data through Enketo.

If you still wish to create a small version of the matrix question (with limited column options where the column options are the common response) maybe you could use the list-nolabel under the appearance as outlined in the post discussed previously:

This approach can be used with both Enketo as well as Collect android app.