Table selection possible in matrix form?

Hello everyone,

You can create a question in matrix form, but is it also possible to select one answer in matrix form.
I have a table that I would like to transform into a matrix and select one answer instead of a cascade select that could cause some confusion.

You can select here an answer depending on the first column and the one of three columns with letters. For example, based on Munsell value 5.5 and letter ‘S’, you select the option <0.2. Is something like this possible?

@Webex, could you kindly describe your issue again? Could not understand it. Maybe you will need to show it as a working process that should be easy for the community to understand.

I would like to have a matrix table in which you can select only one answer. In the table above, you see three different columns:

  1. S
  2. LS, SL, L
  3. SiL, Si, SiCL, CL, SCL, SC, SiC, C

with below different answers based on the letter. After you select a column, you need to look to the so-called ‘Munsell value’, depending on that value you select the answer in that specific column. For example, I need to select an answer in the third column with letters SiL, Si, SiCL, CL, SCL, SC, SiC, C. You know that your ‘Munsell value’ 3 is. The eventual answer that need to be selected is 1.0 - < 5.0.

With kobo_matrix you can ask questions in matrix form, but I would like to offer the answers in matrix form, in which you can select in these case one answer.

I hope this example makes this more clear!

I hope someone can help me with this topic.

I hope someone may help me!