Table with multiple responses in kobocollect

How do I capture this table in kobocollect

Hi @ekua
You may not be able to fully capture that as such if you intend to use KoBoCollect for data collection. However, I would recommend you use different logic to implement this. Unfortunately, your form does not fully explain what is the entry included in the most popular and how 1 differs from 2 etc. If you provide more information, it would be possible to get more users to provide support on designing the form.


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The ‘most popular’ column refers to the 3 most popular radio stations in the district in order of their popularity. I.e. 1= most popular radio station

The ‘popular programmes’ column refers to the most popular radio programmes of the respective stations

Hi Ekua
In that case, you should do the following.

Where you have the names of the radio stations and the programmes

  1. Create a ranking question that ranks the radio stations
  2. Create a question for each radio station and rank the programmes within each radio station

Where you dont have the name of the radio stations and the programmes.

  1. Create a group for the three most popular radio stations
  2. Within the group create three text questions that allows one to type the names of the radio stations based on how they are ranked.
  3. Create a group for for each ranked radio station, you can reference the name of the radio station using e.g. Which are you most favourite programmes from ${firstradio} station.
  4. Within the groups in point 3 above, create 4 text questions for names of the programmes and 4 time questions for indicating the times for airing the most popular programmes.

I would strongly suggest you take an attempt at designing the form first then we can provide support on the first attempt.


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Thank you @stephanealoo I will do that and revert

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