Tableau Desktop and Kobo Toolbox Integration

I have deployed a Kobo toolbox form and I need to have Tableau Desktop connected to the dataset so I can be able to create visualizations on Tableau Desktop.

I tired to search for a successful solution, all that I’ve found don’t work

Please advise


Welcome @Green-EyE,
Would you mind to have a look at previous discussions with the - often helpful - search function of this forum, e.g.

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Hi wroos,
I’ve user this URL and my token in the Web Data Connecter of Tableau Desktop, and seems to work now:

Thanks a lot

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@Green-EyE, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Helo, I have dataset in Kobotoolbox that are in groups of housing unit and household composition. I hsed the link and the token in tableau data connector it gives the incomplete data which are not in groupgs.
Please help me I con not analyse the data. Thanks.

Welcome to the community, @Josh_info! Pinging @Green-EyE for support.

Is easy:

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@Josh_info, if you should have issues, please feel free to communicate with @Green-EyE! Thank you, @Green-EyE, for sharing your knowledge/experience and helping the community. :clap: :heart: :partying_face: