Tabs with repeated group data missing from XLS download

I have two repeated group questions in my survey. I have downloaded my data in XLS format, but the tabs with the repeated group data are missing. I only have one tab with the main data set.

I had tested a download half way through the data collection and the tabs were there;
Now I don’t see them, I only have the main data set.

The form has not been redeployed or changed since the data collection started. Is there some specific setting I need to choose in order to download the repeated group data?


@sdalle, we are able to see both the repeat groups with the name group_fz1ly26 and details_HHmigrants in the screenshot you attached.

If you still wish to ensure that they are there, please feel free to share with us the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Hi @sdalle
As you send the information requested by @Kal_Lam could you also confirm that the tabs highlighted yellow are not reflecting the repeat groups you mentioned? If not, could you please give the name of repeat groups not showing?


@sdalle, I just made a check and could download the repeat groups normally:

Image 2

But what I did here was that I checked the following advanced options (especially include data from all 9 versions):

Hi Kal,

I tried again using exactly the same settings as you had and it downloaded properly with the repeated groups. It also worked if I did not include groups in headers. But if I use the “select questions to be exported” option then the repeated groups do not appear, even if the repeated group questions are selected to be exported. So I think that was the issue, since I had previously deselected a few questions with personal data.

Thank you so much for your prompt assistance. I am very relieved to know that we did not lose this data :wink:


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Thanks, @sdalle, for pointing this out. We can see if we can replicate this issue; if so, this should be a bug.


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