Taking black and white photo for an image question

Using a Kobo collect form, there isn’t any option to choose a non-default camera app. But when using my phone’s default camera app, many of the camera controls are disabled or missing entirely.
This is an issue as I need to be able to choose to take either a colour or black and white image but don’t have that option anymore.
Is there a way to get around this? I was hoping to replace the default camera app but Kobo doesn’t recognise any other camera app.

So it’s not the resolution you wish to control instead you wish to control the filters of the camera settings?

Yes that’s right. Or else have the option to choose which app to use so I can install a dedicated black and white camera.

@SteveH, this is something you should be able to configure while taking images from the app. The app should be compatible with your camera. If your camera has an option of providing filter effects for an image the app should support the same.

Besides, each smartphone should have different options for handling filter effects. In my case if I select the wand-like icon (at the top right) I should be able to apply effects to the image taken:

So basically you will need to play around to get all the features of your mobile camera phone to activate/use this feature.

Unfortunately on my Moto G10 all other picture taking modes disappear when working through the app, so applying filters or using other modes is not available. Hence why I was trying to install and use a different camera app.

Have you tried this with other mobile devices? Maybe it could be an issue with the particular device you currently have.

It is a particular issue with this phone but it has occurred to some extent on other devices. Hence why I was wanting to have the option to chose the camera inside the form (or form settings) to use a non-default camera. Trying to make a non OEM app default on the camera just means the form can’t find any camera app.

@Xiphware, pinging you here if this could be possible through the XLSForm in the upcoming days?