Taking into account the data sent from an updated and redeployed form

I redeployed an updated fromulaire on our kobotollbox platform, but the field users when they fill in the form some variables do not display their filled data

Welcome to the community @seidoumaiga! Could you also let us know the mode of data collection (KoBoCollect android app or Enketo) used by your team in the field?

Without a clear knowledge of the changes you had made in the forms, it is not easy to know which fields you had omitted or added on the most recent deployment. I would suggest that you have a look at the XLSforms that you had generated from the different deployments and determine if the data blanks you are seeing are definitely a system issue or they are design issue from the differences you will have observed.


users in the field mostly use kobo collect and sometimes Enketo to collect data.
I also tried to send the data by kobo collect but the data concerning some variables does not reach the server. I send you the XLSform file of the attached formvaccination_test.xlsx (21.7 KB)

Could you be specific on which information are not visible?

the information concerning the variables circled in red on the following photo

Do you see missing data even while downloading your data in xls format?