Terminate an ongoing survey (data collection)

I know that through the articles that to terminate the survey we have to add the questions in the group and skip the group. Dont know whether there is another option to do so. Also i would like to know how would i get the count of terminate surveys in my dashboard, i mean is there a specific field i have to refer. Kindly provide an example. Thanks

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Hi @khasaab,

Sorry, could not understand your issue. Could you kindly try explaining it again so that we could support you with your issue.

Actually there are 2 queries of mine.

  1. Is there any other option to terminate the survey except to add the questions in the group and skip the group as some surveys has many terminated questions.
    2 We get the total submissions but. Is there any option by which we can get the count of the terminated surveys like a particular field through we know the number of terminated surveys.

Hi @khasaab,

Regarding your first query:

Yes, the possible option to terminate a survey within a survey project is by adding skips or skips within a group so that unnecessary question does not get displayed as you state. Additionally you could also make a question optional by putting a FALSE under the required column. This maybe required as during a research the respondents has the right to refuse to any question if s/he does not feel like answering a particular question or a set of questions.

Regarding your second query:

At the moment there is no direct feature in KoBoToolbox that will let you know how many interviews does not have a complete interview. For this you will need to workaround. Maybe the easiest option would be using a third party software which would count the blank cells and let you know the total number of counts that have missing responses or an incomplete response.

Anyways thanks for the reply

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i have the same question @khasaab . i understand and i also need this. @Kal_Lam on the first topic, you did not respond to @khasaab’s intention. How do to terminate the interview if it doesn’t meet the conditions instead of putting the questions in one group. Is there a better way? because there are many screener questions it also has a terminate condition

Welcome back to the community, @nghi! The easiest option that is available is using a group skip to skip if not relevant. Maybe our community could also share ideas if any are available.