Terminate Interview

Hi Kalam,

Is there any option we can implement that while recruiting the respondent for interview, while taking consent or not meeting criteria of respondent then we need to terminate interview means go to end. but record the interview, so that we can calculate the % of successful call vs attempted call …

Hope I could explain rightly.


@rameshpradhan, KoboToolbox does not have this feature, but you can do it by following the steps outlined below:

  • You will need to create groups so that you can skip them whenever you wish to terminate the survey.
  • Apply skip logic to the group (questions) so that the survey goes to the end whenever the condition matches.
  • Also, create a calculate question and display it as a note question to show the % of responses. You may also need to use the coalesce in this case.

Note, this all depends on how you create your survey form.

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