Text is not localizable for default error

could you please help me to solve this issue …
i think its related to

Try using en instead of english for the Language code to see if that should solve the issue.

thank you for the quick reply,
yes i have tried this and still not working
please help

As a quick check maybe download your survey form as XLSForm and then validate them through the online validator to see if there are any issues.

after uploading to the online validator … and click preview the form shows normally without any issue

Then could you upload the XLSForm as another project to see if the same happens?

i did that as well, same issue :frowning:

Maybe it’s then time to share your XLSForm with the community. The community could also have a look at their end to see if they are able to replicate the issue.

can i share it with you, as i have 30 mints to hand it over to the users?

Hello @kobokurd,
Are you talking about system error messages? Only messages with XLSForm columns can be changed, like required_msg, constraint_msg etc.
Other can only be changed by the configuration language (collect, project, form).

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thank you for the reply

please have a look on this form … i dont know why it gets this error on android device
here is the xml file

Hello @kobokurd,
Can you share a screenshot of the error you get now, please?
(Your online form link can only be opened with related account).
You also need to use English (en) for guidance_hint (and any other msg textes you define).

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Yeaaaassssss… you saved me thank you very much i have a text inside the textbox guidance hint, i have removed and problem solved
however i get the error msg when i close the app on the android tab but its working
thank you very much @wroos

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You don’t need to remove the guidance_hint. You just add the :: language part as in your label column.

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