"text is not localizable for default locale" error message

I would like to know if you can help me with this error: **“Question ‘${prueba_prueba3}:label’: text is not localizable for default locale [Español (es)]!” i valided it on ODK online and still getting the same error even so putting the label.

Welcome to the community, @5020! Could you share your XLSForm with the community? Maybe the community should be able to help you out.

Hello and welcome @5020,
Could you check that question/variable prueba_prueba3 has a text label in the column label::Español (es)? Column name must be exactly like this.

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Hi , Thanks
Yes , the text of the column is the same

Hello @5020,
could you share here an extract (or screenshot) of the related part of your form, please?

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the original error is on line 283 (picos_iguales3), I passed it as (prueba_prueba3) , because I was trying to fix the problem in a copy of the original xls

  1. Did you validate after your changes? Can we have a screenshot of the validation result, please?
  2. What happens if you delete the related row in your form? Do you still get an error? The same?
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1.This is the validation message in ODK

2.The row cannot be deleted as it would affect different calculations related to it

Hello @5020,
to delete this row temporarily might help to locate the error cause.

Maybe you could you try to …

  1. search the token “${picos_iguales3}” in your xlsx Excel file and validate the usage there?
  2. find the place where your default language is defined? (settings?) and retype it there?
  3. empty the label (and the variable name) of picos_iguales3 and type both again?
  4. add a row with a dummy note before the cited variable?
  5. deactivate the Spanish columns (label, hint,…) by temporaily renaming it to XX_label…
  6. shorten your xlsx file name?
    and after each point check again with the validator?

Which server are you using?

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