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I am new this community. It is a wonderful platform. However, I just want to know can I link the text question which is shown as other of previous question. Can I link the text with other question.
Q1. What is the name of your productive asset? [multiple choice question]
Q1.1 If other, please explain

I just want to link the question with another question.
Q1.2 How many productive asset do you have [ Integer]
Q1.3 What is present value of the asset?
(I want to link this with Q1. I group Q1.2 and Q1.3, I use relevant for this. If the data collector select any name from the list of Q1. This question appeared. Now problem is other, As other is a text, so , how can I link this?
Please support me.
Thank you

Hi, You can use this in relevance column as reference from multiple choice question.

selected(${name}, β€˜1’)
selected(${name}, β€˜2’)
selected(${name}, β€˜3’)


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Thank you so much. Actually, for text, does it works? As it other question, I use the code. What would for "other answer[which is not in the list]?
Thank you

Hi @reajulbracupg,

Could you provide us a dummy question and condition so that we closely look into your requirement (if it’s possible).

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reference for support.xlsx (9.7 KB)
Please support me how can I link the text options with group. Please find the attached document as reference

reference for support.xlsx (11.3 KB)
How can I link this with relevant. I marked this with yellow color. I would like to link this with the below group. That means " by clicking the options, the information of group will be appeared"
Thank you

Hi @reajulbracupg,

You could do the same as outlined in the image below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:
Image 2

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Reference xlsform:
Linking Other Responses.xlsx (13.9 KB)

Have a great day!

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Thank you… it is very exciting. Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot.


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