The 5 minutes delay in synchronising the last submission

Hi Kal_Lam,

The 5 minutes delay in synchronising the last submission before it is recognised that the voter has already voted is a huge constraint. Several votes can be submitted within this period.

2ndly, if the user refuse to refresh the page after the last data is recognised, then the updated information will not be uploaded unto his device and he
can vote again.

The safe-net i use for this is to set the “Last-Saved” feature for the name or ID field or some other fields and use it to prevent additional voting from the same device using the same credentials.

When this is combined with checking submitted data in the parent form, it provides better constraints for multiple submissions.
, though not perfect, since clearing caches can eliminate last-saved information.

@elvis_pooplogg, are you referring to the dynamic data attachment when discussing the 5 minutes delay in synchronizing the last submitted submissions?


As a great feature of kobotoolbox, the 5 minutes update delay is a big drawback.

Also, having the user to keep refreshing to upload the updates o web forms is an issue that should be visited. Many users will not refresh their forms, even after seeing the brief update message. If and where possible, form & data updates should happen automatically, without needing the user input.