The calculated field does not work in my form as well as the creation of a unique number for each household

Hello everybody.

It’s really exciting to work on Kobocollect.

I still come back to you for several concerns, namely the difficulties I encounter in developing my form in Xls Form. I remember that I am a beginner.

Indeed, I would like to make a simple calculation of the total number of children by school level, which is reflected in yellow in the file, and then sum up all the levels.

I followed your advice and recommendations offered on the forum, but when I launch the overview test, it shows the following error that I cannot correct namely: {There has been a problem trying to replace $ {Quelle_de_Gar_ons_f_nt_la_classe_de_CP2_} with the XPath to the survey element named ‘Quelle_de_Gar_ons_f_nt_la_classe_de_CP2_’. There is no survey element with this name.} And this is the same for all school levels (CE1, CE2, CM1, and CM2) as well as all the other parts in yellow where I want to perform the calculations.

The second problem is at the level of the unique number I want to create for each household surveyed.

Please note that filling in a new form means that we are in the process of registering a new household. I would like an identifier for each household each time a new form is filled in to be generated automatically, so that it can be used as a database for extracting information.

To do this, I therefore followed the solution that you proposed on the forum with the concatenation formula of the sub-prefecture, the village and a 3-digit number that the investigator must inform. However, this does not work as expected. Could you help me with the file so that I can see and understand my error? This part is in green at the beginning of the Xls form.

Also, is it possible when opening a form to display the logo of our structure? If so, how should this be done?

I hope I have been explicit, I remain available for further explanations of my difficulties.

I attach the form and the screenshots of the difficulties encountered.

Thank you so muchProjet esycari2020_essai 1.xlsx (23.9 KB)

Let us start with the first part of your issue

You need to download the XLS version of your form and closely inspect the form to see the incidence where you have referenced a question/varriable which does not exist. Check for any spelling mistakes. This is a form design issue and not a system issue.

On the second part of your query, and as you may have realized, this is not a provided functionality for form designs. You will need to create this based on your need. See a sample of what you can find when you search for discussions: You can also see a more relevant discussion here:


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