The data is visualized online in kobotoolbox but not in the xls or csv file after download

Hello everyone

After downloading my database in XLS or CSV format, many of my variables appear without their content, which is not the case when I consult it online. I would like to point out that I had to add new variables during the course of the study. They were subsequently entered online instead of on the application. It’s the content of the application that doesn’t appear after downloading.

Thanks for your help. This creates a huge delay in the analysis of my data.

Welcome to the community, @chagas91! Maybe this support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions should help you solve your issue.

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  • Can you share screenshots of the issue, please?
  • Are the missing data concerning the new (added) vasiables?
  • How did you edit the cases? Modal view? Bulk edit? API?
  • Did you include all variables and all versions in the download setting?
  • Which server are you using?
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