The data sent from KoBoCollect still shows in the 'Ready to Send' tab and 'Send' tap, but it has not reached the server

Hi @Kal_Lam, I’m encountering a serious issue with one of my enumerators. She submitted the data through the KoboCollect form, but it is showing up in the ‘Sent’ as well as ‘Ready to Send’ tabs. Additionally, the data is not appearing in the database. Could you or anyone in the community provide support on how to resolve this issue? Here’s a screenshot of the problem

Welcome to the community, @survey_Nepal! The Sent tab will show you the total number of submissions sent to the server, while the Ready to send tab holds the submissions that are still on your device but have not been sent to the server.

They may get stuck there (in the Ready to send tab) if your device is not connected to a network, if the project does not exist in the server, or even if the submissions are incomplete (if some of the mandatory questions are missing to be filled).

Thank you, I found the issues after carefully considering the details. The issues was with form, Enumerator downloaded the old version of the form, which is no longer on the server. Then she filled data into new form. It was bit of a long process but solved

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