The data server for your form or the Enekto server is down. (500) error!

I am getting this error while I try to update the information (only for some of the entry).


I am using humanitarian response server.

Kindly looking forward for your support at usual.
many thanks @Kal_Lam

Welcome back to the community, @amritshakya! Is your project still deployed in the server? If yes, could you clear the cache of your browser to see if that works?

Thank you so much @Kal_Lam for your response. Yes, the project is sill active. I have cleared the cache, but sill I get this message.

@amritshakya, could you share your web-form URL link through a private message so I could test it on my end?

Hi @Kal_Lam , we are still facing the same issue while updating the information in the system