The data server for your form or the Enekto server is down. (500)

I am getting this message repeatedly when trying to send in the completed forms. Can someone please help?

Hello @noraelzokm2, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Can you tell which server are you using?

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Hmm I don’t really know… the enumerator is using an iPhone - so maybe an OS X Server?- to collect the data over a local network in northern Iraq.

We should be able to identify your server if you could share with us a login URL.

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Where do I find the login URL so I can share it with you?

Hi @noraelzokm2,

There are two servers KoBoToolbox provides:

You can see detailed information in here:

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Thank you! I am using this one: Non - Humanitarian Server : []

@noraelzokm2, if you should still have the issue, you could resolve it by uploading the data manually as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

Thank you for this suggestion. We followed the steps in the manual but when we reached the page with the manual download and a link to the zip file, we were not able to open it.

I wonder if there is some information on exporting saved forms from iPhones specifically?

We got this screen but then couldn’t open the zip file

@noraelzokm2, you will now need to follow these steps as outlined in the support article (shared previously):