The enumerator cannot download the forms to his phone

Thanks @Kal_Lam. I’m sorry - this is still not resolved and I’m sorry to be a nuisance. The enumerator cannot download the forms to his phone. Other users have been able to do this, so I’m really not sure what the issue is. Thanks for your help - do you have any other suggestions please?

@miles_jarvis, could you share a screenshot of what shows up when trying to get the blank forms to the app? Maybe in that way, we could troubleshoot your issue.

At the same time, could you also confirm that the date and time of the device are all OK? Also, please ensure that the URL configuration, as outlined in the support article, is also OK?

If everything is OK, but you are still having issues, let us also know the followings:

  • Mobile name
  • Mobile model name
  • OS name
  • OS version

Hi Kal Lam

Here is the screenshot when the enumerator tries to download the forms to the app:

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Thanks so much

Miles Jarvis

Sorry, @miles_jarvis! Still not able to view your screenshot. Could you upload them again?

Hi @Kal_Lam has this worked?

Many thanks


@miles_jarvis, this was because your account was not active. I have activated it for you. You should now be able to get blank forms for the said account.

Wonderful - I think you mean the enumerator’s account was not active?

Does that mean that he did not activate his account by email then? (It was the first thing I asked him to check!!)

Thank you

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Hi @Kal_Lam I’ve asked the enumerator to log out and login again but he is still getting this message:

Any advice very welcome please?!

Many thanks


@miles_jarvis, could you request that he check the user password by logging in to his server via a browser? It seems like he set the password wrong in the app when configuring it!

Hi @Kal_Lam He can login to the server on Chrome. That worked fine. What next?


HI @Kal_Lam would it be better if he simply started again and created a new account?



In this case, could you try configuring the app with the same configurations in a different device (app) to see how it behaves? Or, maybe delete the current version of the app and re-install it to see if he is able to configure it successfully?

Thanks @Kal_Lam - your patience is much appreciated. I will try to leave you alone now!!

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