The forms shows blank fileds in the pulldata columns

I am having a little different issue with the media file. I need to pull data from the csv which works well in the preview. Once deplyed, I use kobo collect to fill in the data but the data required from the csv file does not get pulled up. The forms shows blank fileds in the pulldata columns. Any help?

@arisan91, could you share your CSV file with the community? Maybe you have a formatting issue affecting the pulldata function.

@Kal_Lam . Thank you for your response. Here is the csv .
testing2.csv (13.9 KB)

In addition to the above issue, can you please help with why I can fill in the form but my enumerators get the following loading error prompt.

In desperate need of help for the above issue, please!

@arisan91, the CSV seems OK. Could you also share with the community the relevant part of your XLSForm? Maybe the community would also help you troubleshoot.

@Kal_Lam , here is the XLSForm.
aQoezvEVq9Xegr3xLDDsLh (1).xlsx (38.0 KB)

So, I got the second issue resolved. I had checked the “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” in privacy. I uncheked and the enumerators can load the form now. But the first issue is still there. When the enumerators fill the form, pull data does not work.
For me as the admin, pull data works on enketo but not on the kobocollect.
Any help?

@arisan91, I observed the following issue:

Image 1

Change the " with ' as shown in the image below and that should solve your issue.

Image 2


Reference XLSForm:

aQoezvEVq9Xegr3xLDDsLh (1).xlsx (38.4 KB)