The matrix question doesnt work on the Kobo android application but it is working in the preview

I have created the webform in the kobo collect which contains matrix data. The data can be filled in the webform or perview but it is not working in the same way in the kobo collect android app. please help me on this.

Welcome to the community, @yogendrakatewa99! Yes, you got that correct. Matrix question type is not supported with Collect android app. It’s only compatible with Enketo aka the web forms. For details, you could also have a look at our support article Question Matrix Response Type.

Thanks Kal_Lam does the Enketo aka webforms require internet connectivity while filling the forms?

Data with Enketo aka web forms can be collected in both online and offline mode. For details, please feel free to go through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Thank you for your support. But still I cant see the form in my mobile device as I can see in the webform. Attaching both the pictures for your review.

Thank you

Computer view

Thank you for your quick support @Kal_Lam have redressed the issues.

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Yes, you will need to use a larger screen to collect data for the Martix Questions.