The number of devices using the android app that I can connect to my account at the same time


I have a 20 devices and I would like to download the Kobotool collect app to collect the data in offline mode because the area of the study doesn’t have a network connection.

how many the android devices allows me to download the survey and use the app to collect the data for my account?


@Elias, collecting data with 20 device should not be a problem to collect your survey project.

There is no set limit to how many devices you can use to collect data with that account. However, I hope you have added an additional question that can tell which device/user was collecting the data. Also, as a good practice, if you do have one account that can manage the data on the system, you should try getting a different account for data collection to better manage permissions in case you share your username and password to those configuring the devices.


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Thank you all for your response to my inquiry.

I tried to find another platform or app can support offline mode and matrix question. The surveyMonkey has one plan but it is so expensive for me. Is there any solution? please

Hi @Elias
Unfortunately, the matrix question is not supported on KoBoCollect or ODK Collect. We also do not have any recommendations around; kindly check with your IT team for recommendations that meet your user needs.


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