The relevant logic for multiple select option

q1. select_one farms How_many_coffee_farms_do_you_have
choices 1, 2, 3, 4
q2. size of farm1
q3. size of farm2
q4. size of farm3… i need help on the relevant logic for this q4 and q5
q5. size of farm4

i need help on on the relevant logic where if the person selects 3 farms, the option of size of farm 1 to farm 3 will only come and same to q5
Thank you

Welcome back to the community, @profboahen! My quick question: why would you need a select_one question type for Q1? Wouldn’t an integer question solve your issue? And another question: if 3 is selected in Q1, Q2 to Q4 should be displayed? Did I get you correct?