The reports has no data again


I have the same problema that but the solutiton it´s not correct for me.

I made a 2 new projects, very simple. When i fill both projects, one of them show me the default report but the other show me the insime message.

The form is very very simple!! Only 6 questions, 1 GPS and 1 Photo. I cant understand it.

I post the link to access to the XLS.


Welcome to the community @cvidondo! Would you mind sharing with us your username and the project name through a private message so that we could have a closer look at it. Kindly please provide both the project name that displays data as well as that does not display data that you have reported.

Hello Kal_Lam.

I am triying to send you a privete message but the systems don´t permit me. I think that i am very new at the plataform.

I have not problem to share my user at topic if there is not security problem.

Can you try sending this now?


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Hi Stepeanealoo.

Yes, now i can send the private message.
Thank you very much.


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Hi @cvidondo,

I looked at all of your projects and could see that they were within the repeat group. FYI, information from the repeat group does not show up in the custom report as the data structure of the same is quite different from the normal data structure.

Project name: 2. Triage (Clasificación)

Project name: 3_Stabilization ( Estabilización)
3_Stabilization ( Estabilización)

Project name: 4. Pack (Embalar)
4. Pack (Embalar)

Project name: 5. Relocate ( Reubicación)
5. Relocate ( Reubicación)

However, if you download the data as an xls format you should be able to view it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

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Hi @Kal_Lam. Thanks for your work.

I don´t undestand why if the 1_retrieval has a Repeat into, i can view the default report. It only fail on some type of repeat?


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Hi @cvidondo,

If you look at the project named 1_Retrieval ( Rescate) you will see the following where you only have a small set of questions with the repeat group (highlighted in orange) while a large set of the questions are within groups:

If you notice, those highlighted in orange are not seen in the custom report while the rest is seen in the same.


Thank very much. I was confused, because i found a repeat in all the forms. And i can´t understand why the first, with a repeat works rigth and the other fails.

Thanks again.

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